wondercon 2014

Last Gasp at Wondercon - Booth 513/612

( April 16, 2014 ) Last Gasp will be basking in the best florescent lighting Anaheim has to offer this weekend! Come see us at Wondercon, Booth 513/612, for the brand-new Otomo:Posters book, a Liz McGrath signing, and more. Read the rest.

Liz McGrath at Wonder Con 2014

Elizabeth McGrath at Wonder Con - Sunday, 4/20, 2pm

( April 14, 2014 ) In a convergence more rare than Haley's Comet: Easter, 4/20, and Elizabeth McGrath are cosmically aligning this Sunday at Wondercon in Anaheim. One day only! Read the rest.

bill selby t shirt art

When Iron-Ons Ruled The Earth: T-Shirt Design History with Bill Selby

( April 2, 2014 ) Designer Bill Selby provides an inside scoop on the t-shirt design boom of the '70s and '80s. Selby is responsible for the Last Gasp book Monte: King of Atom Age Monster Decals and is currently designing our upcoming Mike Davis monograph, A Blind Man's Journey. Read the rest.

last gasp birthday

Happy 44th Birthday To Us!

( April 1, 2014 ) Ron Turner reflects on a bit of history in honor of Last Gasp's 44th Anniversary. Read the rest.

logo contest winners


( April 1, 2014 ) There were pools of blood and clumps of hair left on the floor of the judges' chambers, but it was worth every scratch and broken tooth. We are now pleased to announce the winners of the Last Gasp Logo Design Contest... Read the rest.



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S. Clay Wilson

Reprinting of 1974's Pork. More fun than a glass eyeball in your coochie!! Featuring some sexy swashbuckling adventures, the tragic tale of Pudocchio and loads more!




Spain Rodriguez

Spain Rodriguez whose work has appeared in Zap Comix, Trashman, Big Bitch, Snatch Comics & many others collection of some of his best comic work from the 1960's... (more)