Yes, Kids Love to F**king Read

( January 15, 2014 ) Photos of cool kids reading cool books. A new blog series conceptualized by bad ass mutha and Last Gasp salesperson, Kristine. Read the rest.

hyperbole and a half

Danny's Staff Picks

( January 13, 2014 ) Behold! Last Gasp's Staff Picks for January 2014. This first installment is brought to you by Danny Bailey, Last Gasp's database guru. Read the rest.

laurie studio

Laurie Lipton at Work

( January 13, 2014 ) What does single-minded devotion look like? Check out this photo of Laurie Lipton at work in her studio. Read the rest.

old jewish comedians

Drew Friedman: Old Jewish Comedians - Opens March 5th

( January 9, 2014 ) When asked what he enjoys drawing the most, veteran cartoonist, Drew Friedman, replied: "old people, Jews, and comedians...". Thus the Old Jewish Comedians book series was born. Read the rest.

Pornographer's Daughter

The Pornographer's Daughter

( January 7, 2014 ) Chuck Sperry designed a special edition poster for the debut of Liberty Mitchell's one-woman play, The Pornographer's Daughter, an autobiographical account of growing up with the Mitchell Brothers. Read the rest.

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S. Clay Wilson

Reprinting of 1974's Pork. More fun than a glass eyeball in your coochie!! Featuring some sexy swashbuckling adventures, the tragic tale of Pudocchio and loads more!



Out of Stock


Spain Rodriguez

Spain Rodriguez whose work has appeared in Zap Comix, Trashman, Big Bitch, Snatch Comics & many others collection of some of his best comic work from the 1960's... (more)



Out of Stock