owen cook

Cartoonists We Like: Owen Cook

( January 6, 2014 ) The second issue of Owen Cook's documentary comic, Police Log, hit the Last Gasp warehouse this week, making this an ideal time to resurrect our "Cartoonists We Like" series. Read the rest.

jennybird alcantara

Hi-Fructose Video Series, Vol.1 : Jennybird Alcantara

( January 3, 2014 ) Hi-Fructose has just launched a new video series: From Page To Screen, featuring studio visits with various artists who have appeared in the magazine. Read the rest.

gasp tortilla

The Great Tortilla Conspiracy

( January 2, 2014 ) The San Francisco Mission-based art collective known as The Great Tortilla Conspiracy stopped by our holiday fundraiser this past month to screen some special Last Gasp logo tortillas to help raise money for St. Martin De Porres soup kitchen. Read the rest.


Rescued from the Basement, Pt. 1 : Posters

( December 27, 2013 ) While you're still wiping the gravy off your chin from a holiday well-spent, Last Gasp is tits-deep in the throes of year-end inventory, plumbing the depths of our warehouse where we occasionally unearth lost treasures like these vintage posters... Read the rest.

cakeland gallery

Cakeland Gallery - Sat. Dec 21st

( December 18, 2013 ) Brutal and sweet in her own right, Cakeland Gallery seems the ideal place to host Elizabeth McGrath's Oakland Incurable Disorder book signing this Saturday, Dec. 21st. Read the rest.

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S. Clay Wilson

Reprinting of 1974's Pork. More fun than a glass eyeball in your coochie!! Featuring some sexy swashbuckling adventures, the tragic tale of Pudocchio and loads more!



Out of Stock


Spain Rodriguez

Spain Rodriguez whose work has appeared in Zap Comix, Trashman, Big Bitch, Snatch Comics & many others collection of some of his best comic work from the 1960's... (more)



Out of Stock