marion peck beyond the dark veil

Marion Peck on Beyond The Dark Veil: "Remembering Death"

( October 7, 2014 ) Reading artist Marion Peck's illuminating essay "Remembering Death" was a key factor in the decision to publish the excellent book on Victorian mourning photo Beyond The Dark Veil. We've shared Peck's insights about shifting cultural tradition surrounding death below. Read the rest.

ape 2014

APE 2014 Recap

( October 6, 2014 ) Thanks to all of the hard-working APE staff and volunteers! The big news from this year's APE is that the show may be returning to its founder Dan Vado and relocating from San Francisco back to San Jose. But before we contemplate possible future implications, how about we take a few moments to bask in the afterglow of how fun this year's APE was? Behold... Read the rest.

ape 2014

APE 2014: Sat. Oct 4th & Sun. Oct. 5th

( October 3, 2014 ) The Alternative Press Expo returns to San Francisco this weekend. Will you discover your new favorite artist? Read the rest.

last gasp kickstarter

The Shocking Truth Behind Our Kickstarter Campaign

( October 3, 2014 ) You may have believed that pledges to Last Gasp's Kickstarter are being used towards the printing and production costs of our upcoming season of books. The sordid truth behind the campaign will APPALL you. Read the rest.

gasp nbc news

Last Gasp on NBC News

( October 2, 2014 ) Joe Rosato Jr. of NBC stopped by Last Gasp this week to ogle two-headed cows and other assorted treasures and to chat with Ron about our crowdsourcing efforts. Read the rest.

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