terry border paperback sculpture

Terry Border's 'Wiry Limbs, Paper Backs'

( February 18, 2014 ) Get a load of these anthropomorphic paperback sculptures made by Indiana-based artist/photographer, Terry Border. Nice book selection, too. Read the rest.

feb 2014 staff picks

Last Gasp Staff Picks - February 2014

( February 17, 2014 ) Last Gasp's book professionals have selected the best books of February 2014. Looking for something special to read? Want to see if your favorite book is our favorite too? Read on... Read the rest.

greg irons logo

Last Gasp Formula One Race Car

( February 11, 2014 ) Yet another Weird Moment in Last Gasp History: Ron Turner tells us that Last Gasp sponsored a Formula One race car in the 1970s. We're desperately seeking a photo of this car. Read the rest.

conan on the pot

Yes, Kids Love To F**king Read, Pt. 2

( February 11, 2014 ) Future Al Bundys of America - we salute you. This installment of "Yes, Kids Love to F**King Read" celebrates the tender beginnings of what will surely be a lifetime of reading fine literature in the john. Read the rest.

hammett award

Thank you, Kirk Hammett

( February 10, 2014 ) The first annual Kirk Von Hammett Fear FestEvil was massive amounts of grisly fun. We sold some books, made some friends, saw great things and a couple of things we wish we could unsee. Read the rest.

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S. Clay Wilson

Reprinting of 1974's Pork. More fun than a glass eyeball in your coochie!! Featuring some sexy swashbuckling adventures, the tragic tale of Pudocchio and loads more!




Spain Rodriguez

Spain Rodriguez whose work has appeared in Zap Comix, Trashman, Big Bitch, Snatch Comics & many others collection of some of his best comic work from the 1960's... (more)