status factory

Ron English's 'Status Factory' Is Here!

( May 20, 2014 ) Ron English's new book Status Factory landed at Last Gasp this week. A guaranteed antidote for the malaise of the masses. Read the rest.

stationery show

National Stationery Show

( May 16, 2014 ) Last Gasp will be at the National Stationery Show in New York this week. Be sure to swing by our booth to see a preview of our upcoming Krampus merchandise, the Ron English Vandalism Starter Kit stickerbook, Skinner's Forbidden Activities for Neglected Children and more. Read the rest.

graphic novel sale

Graphic Novel Sale #1

( May 14, 2014 ) Last Gasp is excited to offer 40% OFF a curated selection of graphic novels. These titles represent some of the most intriguing comics work we've published in recent years, from masterful artists such as Robert Crumb, Junko Mizuno, Suehiro Maruo, Dan Piraro, and Yusaku Hanakuma. Read the rest.

kjel wolfe

Yes, Kids Love to F**king Read - Women In Rock Edition

( May 12, 2014 ) This fourth installment of the "Yes, Kids Love To F**king Read" series has been dubbed "The Women In Rock" edition. The featured kids are either related to a lady musician, reading about a lady musician, or a combo of the two. Enjoy! Read the rest.


Junko Mizuno on Ink Studs

( May 7, 2014 ) Comics podcast Ink Studs made a pitstop in San Francisco on their recent road trip from Vancouver to LA and met with artist extraordinaire, Junko Mizuno. Tune in to hear Junko dish dirt about how she got her start in comics, her influences, and more. We love Junko and so should you. Read the rest.

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