michael hussar roadshow

Michael Hussar Road Show with Baby Tattoo

( March 25, 2014 ) Last Gasp was proud to host Baby Tattoo's Traveling Roadshow with Michael Hussar this past Monday. When they arrived and we saw the stuffed lamb peeking out from their giant cart full of props, we knew we had signed up for something special. Read the rest.

oderus urungus

Oderus Urungus Has Returned To His Home Planet

( March 25, 2014 ) Gwar's front"man", Oderus Urungus (aka Dave Brockie), passed away this week. NPR says: "...GWAR didn't so much touch on taboo subjects as wallow in them like pigs in filth" Read the rest.

anarchist book fair

Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair Recap

( March 24, 2014 ) The 19th Annual Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair has come and gone. Anarchists might hate The Man, but they love books. We operated on a "Crazy Eddie" system of pricing and sold out of nearly everything that we brought. Read the rest.


Diableries - Coolest Book of 2014?

( March 21, 2014 ) Many fantastic books pass through the Last Gasp warehouse each week. Is it really possible to pick THE COOLEST book of them all? This is probably analogous to a parent having a favorite child. That said, you really have to give it up for the historic miniature 3D hellscapes of Diableries. Read the rest.

anarchist book fair

19th Annual Anarchist Book Fair

( March 19, 2014 ) A fine Bay Area tradition The Anarchist Book Fair returns this Saturday, March 22nd. This year's location is at the east bay's favorite industrial arts learning centerThe Crucible in Oakland. Read the rest.

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