bookish beasts

Bookish Beasts: Zine, Comics, and Art Fest

( July 9, 2014 ) Last Gasp will be tabling at Bookish Beasts: The Center for Sex & Culture's zine, comics, and art fest, this Sunday, July 13th in San Francisco. Adults only (tough luck, kids). Read the rest.

Fetish Coloring Book

Fetish Coloring Book: Coming Soon!

( July 2, 2014 ) Magnus Frederiksen's The Fetish Coloring Book is arriving in August. Are you the type of person who will hide it away on a high shelf or display it proudly on your coffee table? Read the rest.

comic con originals

Planet Cortez: Comic-Con Origins

( July 1, 2014 ) As we look forward to another Comic-Con this month (how many is this now?), we're also reminded to take a peek in the rear view mirror. Comic-Con o.g. Greg Koudoulian is crowd sourcing a documentary about Comic-Con's origin story, Planet El Cortez: A Legacy In Time. Read the rest.

cacophony society

Tales of the SF Cacophony Society at the Exploratorium

( June 30, 2014 ) If you haven't visited the Exploratorium since dissecting a cow's eye on your grade school field trip in the '80s, here's your chance to get reacquainted. Tales of the SF Cacophony co-authors John Law & Carrie Galbraith will be appearing this Thursday 7/3 as part of the Exploratorium's 'After Dark' programming. Read the rest.

status factory

Status Factory - East & West Coast Book Launch

( June 25, 2014 ) Ron English fans on both coasts have an opportunity to get their copies of Status Factory signed this coming July. English will be at the Toy Art Gallery in Los Angeles 7/13, Desert Island in Brooklyn 7/17, and San Diego Comic-Con 7/25 & 7/27. Read the rest.

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