Dante’s INFERNO by Hunt Emerson

Dante’s INFERNO by Hunt Emerson

Hunt Emerson, the dazzlingly talented cartoonist who has previously brought new and richly humorous life to the works of Coleridge, Casanova, D.H. Lawrence and John Ruskin, has gone for the biggest literary name of them all.

HUNT EMERSON’S INFERNO delights on many levels: as an ingenious translation of classic verse into knockabout farce; as an effortlessly readable introduction to the poem for those too busy or too intimidated to tackle it without a guide; as a delicious crib for anxious Dante students with an essay crisis heaving into view; and as a warm tribute from the master of one art form to the grand master of another. Hunt’s cartoon is followed by Kevin Jack-son’s essay on Dante, which explains how the comic has been developed from the original, points out some of the more complicated jokes, and invites readers to go back to tackle Dante for them-selves.

Already acclaimed by Dante scholars in both the UK and USA as a wildly clever and witty, but essentially reverent treatment of the poem, HUNT EMERSON’S INFERNO is a wonderful treat for anyone who already loves Dante, or thinks they might learn to love Dante… or simply wants to ache with laughter.

“The best introduction imaginable to the greatest poem ever written.”
Nick Lezard – The Guardian

Download a PDF preview or flip through the jpgs below.

Dante’s Inferno

Hunt Emerson and Kevin Jackson
Published by Knockabout Comics
Distributed in the United States by Last Gasp
Available October 2012
ISBN: 9780861661695

About the Authors

HUNT EMERSON began drawing comics in the early 1970s, and is among Britain’s best humorous cartoonists. His many comic books include CALCULUS CAT, JAZZ FUNNIES, THE BIG BOOK OF EVERYTHING, PILGRIM & SON, CITYMOUTH, PUSSPUSS, THUNDERDOGS, and YOU ARE MAGGIE THATCHER (scripted by Pat Mills). His irreverent adaptations of literature include LADY CHATTERLEY’S LOVER, THE RIME OF THE ANCIENT MARINER and the life of Casanova in CASANOVA’S LAST STAND. He has worked with Kevin Jackson on comic books dealing with the ideas of 19th century artist, writer, critic and political theorist John Ruskin. Additionally, his comics have appeared in numerous books and magazines, but in particular his PHENOMENOMIX strip has appeared regularly in the Fortean Times since 1979, and his adult feature FIRKIN THE CAT has run in the British soft-porn magazine Fiesta since 1981. Most recently he has drawn LITTLE PLUM and RATZ for The Beano. He has won many awards including the UK’s Strip Cartoonist of the Year, and was chosen as one of 75 Masters of European Comics by France’s CNBDI. His work has been translated into 10 languages. Much of his life has been influenced by childhood readings of MAD magazine.

KEVIN JACKSON is an English writer, broadcaster and occasional film-maker. He has written and edited about twenty-five books, including biographies of John Ruskin and Humphrey Jennings, a cultural history of moose and a best-selling essay on vampires, BITE – also the title of his vampire rock opera. His other collaborations with Hunt Emerson include two full-length comics for the Ruskin Foundation and frequent scripts for the PHENOMENOMIX strip in Fortean Times. He first read Dante properly in the early 1980s, while working as a night security guard for the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce, and has been a keen Dantescan ever since. Kevin is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a Companion of the Guild of St George and a Regent of the College de Pataphysique. Much of his life has been influenced by childhood readings of MAD magazine.

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