Krampus Night: December 6th!

This Wednesday, December 6th, is Krampusnacht, a European holiday where St. Nicholas’ cloven-hooved henchman visits the houses of naughty children. Vintage images depict Krampus with a flickering forked tongue, throwing children into sacks or flogging them with a birch switch, guaranteeing that children all over Bavaria will be waking up on December 7th with wet sheets.

In honor of this glorious holiday, Last Gasp has published a collection of Krampus Greeting Cards. Edited by award-winning art director, Monte Beauchamp, this set includes 20 cards featuring ten vintage Krampus images, all packaged in a decorative tin.

Another recent Last Gasp arrival is KRAMPUS! The Devil of Christmas. This is the second printing of last year’s updated edition and includes 32 additional pages, HARDCOVER binding, a historical survey of the character, and over 180 lavish pre-World War 1 Krampus postcards.

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