Keiji Nakazawa, creator of Barefoot Gen (March 14, 1939 – December 19, 2012)

Keiji Nakazawa

Keiji Nakazawa, creator of the iconic antiwar masterpiece, Barefoot Gen, passed away last week. He had been battling lung cancer since 2010.

Barefoot Gen vol.1 cover

Ron Turner says: “This makes us sad. We published all ten volumes of his epic story of the destruction of Hiroshima and life before, during, and after that horrible event. He and his mother lived beyond that day. He became a cartoonist. When his mother died and was cremated, no bones remained because of the effects of the radiation. This final infuriation inspired him to tell their story. Now, the books are used in dozens of college courses, reside in over 3000 libraries, and are available in over a dozen languages. Very readable, try the first two, or four.”


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