Underground Comix Mega Sale: JUNE 26th!!!

Underground Comix sale

We’ve plumbed the depths of the Last Gasp vaults and emerged with a mind-boggling array of vintage underground comix, spanning the 60s through the 90s, each one more weird and spectacular than the last.

Weirdo, Lonely Nights, too many of my favorite comics are represented in these bundles and I’m filled with horrible panic to think of our stock being plundered by brutish comics fans – but don’t let that stop you. Many of the best comic artists of all-time can be witnessed within these collections in their tender beginnings. Some of them went on to have life-long comics careers and others remain obscure, a memento of forgotten genius.

ORDER FROM FAB.COM WEDNESDAY, JUNE 26th: http://fab.com/sale/23294

Artists include: Robert Crumb, Dan Clowes, Spain Rodriguez, Dori Seda, Lynda Barry, Gilbert Shelton, Diane Noomin, Aline Kominsky-Crumb, Peter Bagge, Jay Kinney, Dennis Worden, Kaz, Trina Robbins, S Clay Wilson, Robert Williams, Bill Griffith, Ted Richards, Mats?!, Krystine Kryttre, Shawn Kerri, Justin Green, Terry Boyce, Joyce Farmer, J Bradley Johnson, and many, many more.

Underground comics aficionados can choose between several different bundles, including:

Zap (issues 7,12, 14,15) $19.80:
Zap Bundle

Young Lust (issues 1, 5, 6, 7, 8) $24.75:
Young Lust Weirdo #1 (issues 4, 5, 14, 15, 16, 17) $23.70:
Weirdo Bundle #1Weirdo #2 (18, 19, 20, 21, 24, 26) $24.70:

Weirdo - Bundle 2Sexy Strange (Cannibal Romance, Lonely Nights, Wet Satin, Sexy Stories from World Religions 1 & 2) $18.35:
Sexy StrangeSex and Dope (White Whore Funnies, Inner City Romance 1 and 5, Dopin’ Dan 3 and 4)$24.75:
Sex and DopeFirkin (issues 2,3,5,6) $19.80:
FirkinLast Gasp (issues 1 – 5) $24.75:
Last GaspStrange Undergrounds (Little Green Dinosaur 1 & 2, No Ducks 1 &2) $19.80:
Strange UndergroundsWimmen’s Comix (Tits & Clits 5 & 6, Wimmens Comix 3 & 9, Aftershock) $24.75:
Wimmen's Political Undergrounds (Subvert #3, Slow Death #11, White Comanche, Anarchy) $19.80:
Political BundleZippy (Yow #1, Zippy #3, Nation of Pinheads, Four Sketchbooks and a Table of Useful Information) $20.89:
ZippyFantasy Sci Fi #1 (Fantagor 3, Astral Outhouse, Psychotic Adventures 3, Brain Fantasy) $20.85:

Sci Fi Fantasy Underground Bundle #1Fantasy Sci Fi #2 (Commies from Mars 6, Armageddon 3, Two Fools) $19.90:
Fantasy Sci Fi #2 Adults Only(Adults Only 1 & 3, Horny Biker Slut 12 & 13) $19.80:
Adults OnlyClassic Underground (The Checkered Demon 3, Sacred and Profane, Coochy Cooty Men’s Comics, Reid Fleming #1, San Francisco Comic Book 6) $21.80:
Classic Undergroundsor the highly recommended GIANT BUNDLE, $299, which includes 74 comics and will make you instantly cool.

Giant Underground bundleThese bundles will be available on fab.com for a limited time starting on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 26th! Mark your calendars!

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