Memoir: The Tattooed Portraits Series

When someone is great at something, it’s because their passion is woven into every facet of their lives in some way. I’ve come to see over the past four years with Shawn, that he is always observing … watching more than painting,and listening more than talking.
—Kim Saigh, tattooer

Started with a handful of paintings, the Tattooed Portraits Series quickly developed into an obsession and a life-changing event for artist Shawn Barber.

The series documents contemporary tattoo culture and history through fine art paintings ranging from traditional portraits to colorful, expressionistic abstractions.

This beautifully printed volume contains photographs, paintings and essays chronicling a six-year living journal.

Memoir: The Tattooed Portraits Series includes paintings of Don Ed Hardy, Bob Roberts, Grime, Paul Booth, Marcus Pacheco, Kim Saigh, Jack Rudy, Thomas Woodruff, Aaron Cain, Mike Giant, Adrian Lee, Margaret Cho, and many more.

The series documents many facets of the tattooing world, including the tattooing process and experience. The paintings range from traditional portraits to colorful, expressionistic abstractions.

Barber has been molding a place for himself as one of America’s greatest contemporary artists.
—Tattoo Bible 2

Memoir: The Tattooed Portaits Series
Shawn Barber
Foreword by Margaret Cho
Introductions by Marisa Kakoulas, C.W. Eldridge, and Kim Saigh

hardcover · 10 x 12 · 256 pages · $39.95
110 full color paintings · 30 color photos
isbn 978-0-86719-775-4

Available in July 2012 from Last Gasp

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  1. It will be available for shipping worldwide in July. Some of our Australian bookstore customers will have it too, so you might be able to order it from a local shop.

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