Junko Mizuno at Gallery Nucleus Sept 21

Rising - Junko Mizuno

New work from JUNKO MIZUNO
Opening Reception: Sep 21, 7:00PM – 10:00PM
Gallery Nucleus • 210 E. Main St • Alhambra CA

Pelu creator Junko Mizuno’s latest solo exhibition opens at Gallery Nucleus on Saturday, Sept 21. The show is comprised of an ambitious collection of new paintings and drawings depicting the strength of Japanese women throughout history and folklore. Junko’s sweet and twisted perspective will doubtlessly make this a show not to be missed.

Block Party Recap

Nobody likes a party more than Last Gasp, especially if it’s literally delivered to our front doorstep. Our neighbors at Noise Pop threw a magnificent block party this past Saturday. We had a hunch that this would not be a rinky-dink affair when we approached our street that morning and were confronted with a gigantic stage and a line of porta potties glistening in the mid-morning sun. By noon, swarms of friendly people filled the street. The empanada truck across from us sold out, a collaborative mural was created next door, sidewalk haircuts were bestowed upon willing souls, kids & teens played punk covers with the San Francisco Rock Project onstage, and I caught a case of whiplash from turning my head to gawk at the legions of cute dogs roaming the street. It was a breezy, sunny day and it felt good to introduce people to books in person instead of online or over the phone. It’s a special thrill shared between book lovers when you witness someone connect with a book and know that they’re going to get home and rip into it. Maybe someone discovered a new favorite artist or author that day.

Although we were busy all day long, Maria and I managed to photograph some tender booth moments along the way…


Welcome to our booth. All set up and ready to go.

Maria and the Melvins. Silk screen poster by Skinner & Secret Serpents


These dogs have a razor scooter and they’re ready to party


A “wealth of knowlege”, also known as an encyclopedic stockpile of dirty jokes. Nomic made these cool Ron Turner trading cards. Why didn’t we think of that?


Just another day at the office. 20th Street Block Party crowd.


Junko Mizuno comforts Ophelia, an SF Burning Man orphan.


Junko & Skinner poster signing


Skinner and his real dad


This toddler was ecstatically obsessed with Skinner’s book. He had good theories about why the guy was bleeding on the cover and why the other guy needed two heads.


Our booth neighbors, ArtSpan, made this awesome collaborative mural.

Maria, Junko, Skinner, & Ron

A Gasp Family Portrait – Maria, Junko, Skinner, and Ron.

Thanks to everyone at Noise Pop and Nomic; Justin at Secret Serpents for the rock posters; Junko Mizuno & Skinner (two of our favorite artists & favorite people); all of our lovely neighbors, and all of the hard-working people of Last Gasp.

Skinner & Junko Mizuno rock poster signing

Saturday, August 24th
Signing from 1pm – 2:30pm!
20th Street, between Harrison and Bryant, San Francisco

Your favorite local artists and mine, Skinner and Junko Mizuno, will be signing limited edition rock posters at the Last Gasp booth during the 20th Street Block Party. Quantities are very limited so don’t sleep in! Choose from any of these 5 designs:

Skinner - Melvins Junko - Melvins poster junko.melvins junko.mudhoney skinner.tomahawk


Saturday, August 24th
Signing from 1pm – 2:30pm!
20th Street, between Harrison and Bryant, San Francisco

20th Street Block party with LAST GASP

Our neighbors at Noise Pop are throwing a block party this month. Lots of great food & libations from Blowfish Sushi, Atlas, Salumeria, and more. Plus free music from bands like the Two Gallants and Quinn Deveaux & the Blue Beat Review.

Last Gasp will be holding it down at our booth, selling brand-new books from Junko Mizuno, Hi-Fructose, Cacophony Society, Mitch O’Connell, and more. We’ll also have all of the latest and greatest graphic novels, magazines, design books, rock bios, and other exciting books from publishers great and small. But, wait! That’s not all! We’re throwing a raffle, premiering our new button set, local artists Skinner and Junko Mizuno will be signing limited edition posters, and many other surprises, so stay tuned.

Swiftumz - luv ya 4eva 45

Last Gasp is raffling off a signed copy of pop genius and local hero Swiftumz’ brand new single. This record is LIMITED to 200 COPIES (most of which will probably be GONE by the time you read this). The single includes songs “love ya 4 eva” and “klik klak” and  features a letterpress cover with font by one of our all-time favorite artists, Jay Howell. Recorded at Different Fur Studios.

Raffle tickets are just $1 or free with purchase. The hand of fate will select a lucky winner at 5pm. You must be present to collect your prize.

Read more about Swiftumz at 7×7, BayBridgedFullacoke, or just take my word for it.

Vintage Last Gasp skull buttonset

With the publication of Slow Death in 1970, Last Gasp helped usher in the golden era of underground comix publishing. Over the years, dozens of interpretations of the classic Last Gasp skull logo have graced the covers of comic books from cartooning luminaries such as Robert Crumb and Spain Rodriguez. Prove your devotion to San Francisco’s rich underground publishing history by wearing one of these vintage Last Gasp skull logo pins. 4 different designs to choose from. Sold separately or collect them all.

Junko - Melvins poster
Skinner - Melvins

Skinner and Junko Mizuno will be at our booth signing limited edition silk screened rock posters (produced by Secret Serpents) from 1pm – 2:30pm. Quantities are extremely limited and it’s first come, first served, so don’t miss the boat.

20th St Block Party

Saturday, August 24th


20th Street, between Harrison & Bryant, SF

More details to come, check back soon!

Junko Mizuno Signing New Graphic Novel at Kinokuniya SF

Join us on Saturday, August 10th to meet Japanese artist Junko Mizuno at the Kinokuniya San Francisco Store!


Junko will be signing her new book, LITTLE FLUFFY GIGOLO PELU VOL. 2, with a personalized sketch for each copy!


Saturday, August 10, 2013 at 3:00pm

Kinokuniya Bookstore
1581 Webster St, San Francisco, CA 94115
Phone:(415) 567-7625

Event Page:


The continuing adventures of a space alien in search of love in an off-kilter Tokyo

Pelu, the cute and fluffy gigolo from outer space, is back, determined to find himself true happiness in the form of a human bride.

Pelu’s quest to have a child continues to unfold across a surreal Tokyo cityscape populated by mythological creatures, loveable losers, living puppets, nymphomaniacs, and a visitor from Pelu’s own home world. Will Pelu finally gain the confidence to woo a bride? Can Pelu finally find a girl willing to stick around long enough to have his baby?

Little Fluffy Gigolo Pelu, Vol. 2 by Junko Mizuno

Little Fluffy Gigolo Pelu
Volume 2

Black and white
168 pages
8″ x 10″
ISBN-13: 9780867197433
Published by Last Gasp


Junko Mizuno unleashes her unique graphic storytelling sensibilities on a tale that’s frequently adorable, sometimes grotesque, and surprisingly moving. Mizuno’s alluring blend of cuteness, gore, and eroticism has been dubbed Gothic Kawaii and has earned her legions of enthusiastic fans around the globe. In addition to graphic novels, she also produces toys, t-shirts, calendars, and postcards. She has had multiple gallery exhibitions of her work.
Junko Mizuno’s website


Pelu2 Pelu22 Pelu23 Pelu24 Pelu25 Pelu26 Pelu27 Pelu28 Pelu29 Pelu-both-covers

Last Gasp Pie Party

Last Gasp Pie Party

Beginning July 1st, Last Gasp became the exclusive North American distributor of Tokyo-based publisher, Pie Books. Pie specializes in beautiful design and Japanese cultural titles, including Katsuya Terada: Ten; Nobu Vegetarian Cookbook; Hokusai Manga; Cats in Ukiyo-e; Maija Isola; and many others.

What better way to celebrate this sweet occasion than by throwing a pie party? Last Gasp stocked up on assorted adult beverages and pies from Mission Pie in San Francisco and invited our friends and customers down to the warehouse to enjoy a slice (or 2 or 3 or 10) of pie and a cocktail while perusing our impressive spread of brand new books.

Pie Books:Pie Books display books1

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJohn setting up:setting up


berry pie OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJunko Mizuno has a slice:junkoKumiko of Kinokuniya:kumiko

Molly stocks up on Pie:mollyScott Hove and Ron Turner:ron_scott_hove

Last Gasp & Hi-Fructose Comic Con Signing Schedule 2013

 In addition to all of the  fantastic new art books, graphic novels, subversive lit, vintage comix, and other goodies that you’ve come to expect when visiting the Last Gasp booth at Comic Con, we are also running the Hi-Fructose booth this year.  Will this be more eye candy than you can handle? Come find out! We’re looking forward to seeing all of our friends and customers and friendly customers in San Diego July 18th – 21st, 2013. Booth #1616

Hi-Fructose artists include Luke ChuehAudrey Kawasaki, and Junko Mizuno. Each will be signing a beautiful, limited edition print, not found anywhere else. Junko is serving double duty, signing both her print and her most recent Last Gasp-published book, “Pelu: Little Fluffy Gigolo, Vol. 2“, so maybe bring her an ice pack or tiger balm or something for her wrist.

Last Gasp is hosting illustrious artists Joe SorrenKRK RydenJunko MizunoMitch O’ConnellCheeming Boey, and Katsuya Terada. Joe Sorren will be signing an incredible, exclusive giclee print, “Secrets Know No Morning”. Each Sorren print includes a unique drawing in the margin.

Last Gasp Booth #1616:

Thursday 7/18

KRK Ryden - Noon -1:30pm.
Signing copies of his Porterhouse-published book, “Double Talk”.
Luke Chueh - 2pm – 3pm.
Signing Hi-Fructose exclusive wood print: “Red Skull”.
Joe Sorren - 3:30 pm – 5:30pm.
Signing an exclusive giclee print:”Secrets Know No Morning”. Unique drawing included with each print.
Junko Mizuno - 6pm – 7pm
Signing her Last Gasp-published book,”Pelu: Little Fluffy Gigolo, Vol. 2″.
Friday 7/19
Audrey Kawasaki - 11am – 3pm (break from 1 – 2pm)
Signing Hi-Fructose exclusive print: “Keeper”.
Junko Mizuno - 3pm – 5pm.
Signing Hi-Fructose exclusive print:”Pancakes” AND copies of her new Last Gasp-published book, “Pelu: Little Fluffy Gigolo, Vol. 2″
Mitch O’Connell - 5pm – 6:30pm
Signing copies of his Last Gasp-published book, “Mitch O’Connell: The World’s Best Artist”.
Saturday 7/20
Audrey Kawasaki - 11am – 3pm (break from 1 – 2pm)
Signing Hi-Fructose exclusive print: “Things Unsaid”.
Katsuya Terada - 3pm – 4:30pm
Signing his Pie-published book, “Katsuya Terada Ten – 10 Year Retrospective”
Junko Mizuno - 3pm – 4:30pm
Signing Hi-Fructose exclusive print: “Pancakes” AND copies of her new Last Gasp-published book, “Pelu: Little Fluffy Gigolo, Vol. 2″
Sunday 7/21
Katsuya Terada - 11am – 1pm
Signing his Pie-published book, “Katsuya Terada Ten – 10 Year Retrospective”
Cheeming Boey - 1pm – 2:30pm
Signing prints and copies of his Last Gasp-published graphic novel, “When I Was A Kid”

“Keeper” – Audrey Kawasaki

Limited Edition of 200
18 x 18

“Things Unsaid” – Audrey Kawasaki
Limited Edition of 200
14 x 22.75
Luke Chueh wood print
“Red Skull” – Luke Chueh
Limited Edition of 50 wood print.
12 x 15

Junko Mizuno wood print
“Pancakes” – Junko Mizuno
Limited Edition of 50 wood print.
14 x 17


“Secrets Know No Morning” – Joe Sorren
Limited edition of 100.
18.5 x 14

“Zombie Apocalypse” – Cheeming Boey
Limited Edition print
13 x 19