Signings & More : Comic-Con 2010

Confirmed for Comic-Con 2010:

Signings with Junko Mizuno, Joe Ledbetter, Buff Monster, Ron English, Camilla d’Errico (See schedule below)

Play Last Gasp Comic-Con BINGO with prizes!

Plus all the newest books, imports, rare stuff… Our booth is #1616.

SDCC exclusive junko mizuno print

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    Signing Schedule


Camilla d’Errico – 2pm-3pm
Junko Mizuno 4:30pm-6pm


Junko Mizuno noon-2pm
Ron English – 2pm
Joe Ledbetter – 3pm
Buff Monster – 4pm
Junko Mizuno 5pm

Junko Mizuno 11am

Copies of our HUGE, amazing 11″ x 14″ catalog will be available!

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Here’s a sampling of some of the pages:
Cover artwork by the masterful Todd Schorr. You can see a preview of his newest book here.

New Reviews for PELU and Best Erotic Comics

Dusty Horn reviews Best Erotic Comics 2009 for Carnal San Francisco:

“Just as the world at large is growing to acknowledge the value of comics, the shelves are hit with a cute, unassuming trade paperback overflowing with half-octopus girls, bull-cunnilingus, drunk pistol-whipping, unprotected male sodomy and an abundance of demon fucking, to say nothing of masturbation, queers, and sexually aggressive females.”

Read the rest of Dusty’s review here.

Michelle Smith reviews Junko Mizuno’s Little Fluffy Gigolo PELU for Comic Book Resources:

“I’m not one who enjoys weirdness for the sake of weirdness, but in Junko Mizuno’s hands, the absurdity of certain situations makes me laugh out loud, which is a pretty rare occurrence.”

Read the rest of Michelle’s review here.

John Thomas reviews PELU in his Mecha Mecha Media column for Yuuyake Shimbun:
“As the title suggests, this is not a kid’s book, but is the mind trip one would expect from Mizuno. Pelu is a fluffy alien who travels to Earth (don’t ask me how, you wouldn’t believe me) in order to find a bride. The adventures Pelu begins in this big volume are sometimes cute, sometimes shocking, and always original. Pelu is like finally getting the story behind one of Mizuno’s surprising illustrations. Pelu will not be for everyone, but I enjoyed this title even more than Pure Trance. I didn’t love everything that happens in Pelu, and I think it is hard to connect with the characters, which is probably by design, but Pelu certainly kept be guessing, which I did like.”

Junko Mizuno signing at New People

Thanks to everyone who came out to see Junko Mizuno and get copies of her new book, Little Fluffy Gigolo PELU! And thanks to New People for hosting the signing! Deb Aoki wrote an article about the signing and did an interview with Junko as well. Same Hat also has some pics and a post about the signing and New People.

Junko Mizuno signing Little Fluffy Gigolo PELU

Little Fluffy Gigolo PELU

Junko Mizuno will be signing her new book, Little Fluffy Gigolo PELU Vol. 1, on Saturday, August 22 at 2pm at NEW PEOPLE The Store in San Francisco’s Japan Town.
PELU is a cute extraterrestrial critter who travels to Earth to find happiness in the form of a bride. Prepare to be astounded as the search for fulfillment takes him from the surface of his fantastic alien planet to an off-kilter modern Japan inhabited by aspiring enka singers, sassy girls, paint-sniffing bad boys, sushi chefs with unspeakable secrets and the body-switching students of a mysterious high school.

Preview PELU here.

PELU has been getting great reviews. This is your chance to meet Junko and pick up a signed copy of her newest release!

1746 Post St.
San Francisco, CA 94115
Saturday, August 22, 2pm

Praise for Little Fluffy Gigolo PELU:

…Fluffy Gigolo Pelu suggests that her work is only veering into more vividly mischievous territory. It offers a look at an exercise that is comparable to taking the broken crumbs from the bottom of a bag of candy and trying to melt them into a lollipop – bright and supposedly sweet, but deformed and foul smelling where it’s burned. Pelu’s stories of alienation, unconventional pregnancy and huffing are overtly cracked, but the view that it presents of less incendiary subjects like office work dreariness and career dissatisfaction similarly fit into its scheme of candy colored unhappiness.
…noting the diversity of Earth’s population, Pelu leaps into a magic mirror hoping to find someone like himself. His mad anti-trip-to-Oz whirlwind is captured in a montage of dreary meetings, lottery wins, and over eating – framed by a psychedelic expectoration of bubbles.
Little Fluffy Gigolo Pelu features enough dire absurdity that it’ll force you to laugh.
Scott Green, Ain’t It Cool News

Whether her stories titillate you or not, it’s hard to deny their unique place in the world of manga. Sans narrative, they’re vintage candy wrappers that you hold on to because you know you’re going to want to just look at them again sometime down the road. In that respect, maybe Little Fluffy Gigolo Pelu is the lovelorn-tragedy-laced Laffy Taffy of the bunch.
…is there enough love on our cruel planet to include a vomit-green, bow-tie-wearing cotton ball like Pelu? Maybe the answer lies in volume two, but I’m digging the journey so far.
Joseph Luster, Otaku USA

…certainly does not disappoint if you love Mizuno’s mix of cute / grotesque humor.
Deb Aoki, Guide to Manga

Beautiful artwork and character designs that find the sexiness in Japanese “kawaii” pop culture. Unapologetic in pushing the envelope in decency and standards.
The Anime Almanac

The book is filled with bizarre, disturbing, but utterly engaging adventures, like the chapter where Pelu’s friend the Space Hippo arrives on Earth, eats too many unfamiliar foods, and ends up vomitting an acid-like substance all over the town’s local poodle ranch.
John Jakala, Robot 6