Massive Gay Art

Massive's pilgrimage to The House Of Gay Art

( March 2, 2015 ) Graham Kolbeins and Anne Ishii, the brains behind the brawn found in the anthology Massive: Gay Erotic Manga & The Men Who Make It, filmed their pilgrimage to the unique and obscure House Of Gay Art in Japan. Read the rest.

nimoy full body

Leonard Nimoy's The Full Body Project

( February 27, 2015 ) Everyone knows Leonard Nimoy as an actor. Some fans are aware of his illustrious singing chops. But how many know that Spock was also a photographer of full-figured ladies? Read the rest.

cats of ukiyo-e

Ancient origins of LOLCats

( February 27, 2015 ) Japan is often ahead when it comes to popular culture. In the case of cat fanaticism, they beat everyone else by about 400 years. Read the rest.

Hung Liu

Hung Liu at Walter Maciel Gallery Feb 28th

( February 25, 2015 ) Artist Hung Liu's solo exhibition Dandelions opens at the Walter Maciel Gallery in LA this Saturday, February 28th. Liu is offering three distinct bodies of work scattered throughout the expansive gallery. Read the rest.

last gasp staff picks february 2015

Last Gasp Staff Picks February 2015

( February 17, 2015 ) This is the special "Good-bye Danny, Hello Zach" edition of Staff Picks. Help us bid a fond adieu to Gasper Danny Bailey and welcome fresh meat Zach to the fray.
February Staff Picks has been sponsored by the letter 'C' for Cometbus, cat books, Crumb, Colwell, Clowes, Cage, Crazy Hair, and Camille Rose Garcia's Cinderella. Read the rest.



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Mirian Linna, Randell Fuller

First and only authorized biography of West Texas legend Bobby Fuller, "Rock And Roll King Of The Southwest", as told through the eyes of his brother and bandmate... (more)




Rachel Aimee, Eliyanna Kaiser, Audacia Ray

$pread, an Utne award–winning magazine by and for sex workers, was independently published from 2005 to 2011. This collection features the enduring essays about sex work around the... (more)