Shoichi Aoki

Following on the heels of the amazingly cool and wildly popular Fruits, Fresh Fruits is the second collection of Tokyo street fashion portraits from Japan's premier street fanzine. Fruits magazine was initially established in 1994 by photographer Shoichi Aoki to document the growing explosion in street fashion in the suburbs of Tokyo, and is now avidly followed by thousands of Japanese teenagers. The average age of the kids featured in it is between 12 and 18, and their clothes are a mixture of high fashion and home-made ensembles which combine to create a novel, if not hysterical, effect. This second extensive collection is a unique documentation of the continually changing face of street fashion. Colorful, fascinating, and funny, and a true testament to the brilliant creativity that blossoms from an utter lack of shame.

This book will be available in mid-June. Wholesale customers can place backorders for it now.

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  • Author: Shoichi Aoki
  • Publisher: Phaidon
  • Price: $29.95
  • Page count: 272 pages