krampus on ncis

Krampus on NCIS

( December 17, 2014 ) Krampus sighting on last night's "House Rules" episode of NCIS. His horned mug is popping up all over the place. Last Gasp's Krampus! The Devil Of Christmas book can be seen about 10 minutes in being utilized as research material. Read the rest.

horror pack

Horror for the Holidays

( December 15, 2014 ) Who says your love of blood and guts and your love of Christmas joy have to be mutually exclusive? Create a new holiday tradition at your house with classic horror reprints, Krampus, cult film favorites, and more. Read the rest.

stocking stuffers

Last Gasp Stocking Stuffers

( December 12, 2014 ) Don't bore the living daylights out of your loved ones by filling their stockings with chocolate coins and oranges this xmas. Show them that you care with the gift of Krampus, gun safety pamphlets for cats, or one of these other cool & affordable small gift ideas. Read the rest.

zippy protest

Throwback Thursday: Zippy The Pinhead Protest

( December 11, 2014 ) Throwback Thursday: Last Gasp Edition. This time we are hopping in the wayback machine and traveling to the year 2002 when the San Francisco Chronicle attempted to cancel Bill Griffith's Zippy The Pinhead strip. As you can imagine, the public outcry was deafening. Read the rest.

margaret keane

Margaret Keane Has Her Day

( December 10, 2014 ) With the premiere of Tim Burton's Big Eyes movie on the horizon, Margaret Keane has been receiving more media attention than ever before. Once relegated to providing popular artwork spuriously credited to her husband Walter Keane, it's wonderful to see her vindicated for her experience and celebrated as an artist. Read the rest.



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