Lew The Jew

"Lew The Jew": Coming in March

( January 27, 2015 ) "Lew The Jew" Alberts: Early 20th Century Tattoo Drawings is arriving in March from Hardy-Marks Publishing. Though largely unknown, "Lew the Jew" was the original creator of tattoo "flash" as well as developing some of the earliest electric tattoo machines. Read the rest.

last gasp staff picks

Last Gasp Staff Picks For January 2015

( January 22, 2015 ) We're starting the year off right with the return of Staff Picks! Which books will emerge victorious? Read on to find out. Read the rest.


Shunga: Japanese Erotic Art

( January 15, 2015 ) Are you a fan of beautifully-rendered smut from the 17th - 19th century? Shunga: Aesthetics of Japanese Erotic Art by Ukiyo-e Masters is an answered prayer for fans of art history, smut, and Japanese culture. Read the rest.

zap at city lights

Zap Comix at City Lights: Thursday, January 22nd

( January 14, 2015 ) Underground comix legends Robert Williams, Paul Mavrides, and Victor Moscoso will be appearing as part of the The Complete Zap Comix release party at City Lights in San Francisco on Thursday, Jan. 22nd, 7pm - 9pm. Moderated by Ron Turner and Gary Groth. Read the rest.

terminally illin

Cancer Is Hilarious: Terminally Illin' Is Available Now

( January 12, 2015 ) Cancer isn't funny... it's hilarious. Featuring artwork by Jon Solo & Jade Takushi, Terminally Illin' is Kaylin Andres' cancer story: part autobiography, part magical realism, peppered with pop culture send-ups and unafraid of an abundance of puns. Read the rest.



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Leah Gallo

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Robert Crumb

Robert Crumb's Mr. Natural returns in his second comic to give insight into humanity's big problems— Cults, crime, cops, sex, and kitchen cleanliness. Crumb's work looks phenomenal in... (more)