Jerry Moriarty

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The definitive collection of Jerry Moriarty's celebrated comic strip, "Jack Survives," originally published in the legendary RAW Magazine. This oversized, full- color, hardcover edition gathers for the first time all of the strips and presents them in the way the author intended. Introduction by acclaimed cartoonist Chris Ware. "Jerry's comics pages are composed with the elegant precision of an Edward Hopper painting. Self- aware, but never self- conscious; he's a storyteller sharing intimate memories. His sincere love and understanding of comics narrative led him to make comix pages that became central to RAW magazine." -Art Spiegelman. "Being probably the most condensed, poetic effort of modern comics, this edition of Jack Survives may also be the most valuable comic art reprint of the past two decades; Moriarty's work is as fresh, sharp and heartfelt as the day he drew it, and maybe (as is frequently the case with real art) even more so." -Chris Ware.

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  • Author: Jerry Moriarty
  • Publisher: Buenaventura Press
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  • Page count: 80 pages
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