Quinn Dolan


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This photobook presents the vulva, also lovingly known as the "pussy," from two exciting perspectives. On the one hand, it depicts young women with their vulvas in the foreground, so large and close-up that the viewer can precisely study their marvelous forms. On the other hand, the facing page in each pair of pages offers a bird's eye view showing the model lying on a bed or sofa, photographed from above, so that the girls lustily offer themselves to the viewer with their legs widely spread. Women's power: exciting, uninhibited, erotic! 120 photographs in full color. Texts in German, English, and French. Hardcover, thread bound.

Product specs

  • Title: PINK PUSSY
  • Author: Quinn Dolan
  • Publisher: Edition Reuss
  • Price: $45.00
  • Page count: 128 pages
  • Weight: 1.56 lbs
  • ISBN-13: 9783934020733
  • Binding: Hardcover