attaboy at schulz museum

Attaboy at the Schulz Museum - Sunday, Nov 23rd. FREE!

( November 19, 2014 ) Odd yet lovable artist and Hi-Fructose Magazine co-founder Attaboy will be at the Schulz Museum this coming Sunday to answer all of your important questions about uncomfortable embracing while signing copies of his latest book,The Book Of Hugs. Don't miss an opportunity to visit one of the most unique and special museums anywhere. And it's free! Read the rest.

howard zinn

Howard Zinn Book Fair: Sat. November 15th

( November 10, 2014 ) After you're done with The Book Of Hugs signing at Zerofriends, pop on over to Mission High School and check out the first annual Howard Zinn Book Fair. Read the rest.

book of hugs

November 15th: There Will Be Hugs

( November 4, 2014 ) Join your favorite art kook Attaboy as he attempts to beat the world record for hugging. Next Saturday, November 15th, a group including you and all of your friends will convene at Zerofriends SF, in celebration of Atta's brand-spanking-new picture book, The Book Of Hugs. Purell and protective eye wear will be on hand. Read the rest.

adult coloring books

Coloring Books Help Adults Battle Stress

( October 29, 2014 ) We already knew that The Cannabis Coloring Books, Gangsta Rap Coloring Book, Cunt Coloring Book, Fetish Coloring Book, and Forbidden Activities For Neglected Children, will enhance your quality of life, but now we have science backing us up. Read the rest.

tattoo con 2014 recap

Bay Area Convention of the Tattoo Arts 2014 Recap

( October 27, 2014 ) Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Last Gasp booth at the tattoo convention this past weekend. Once again, this convention ranks as one of our favorite and most friendly events of the year. Read the rest.



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