Greg Means, editor


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Papercutter #13 is the latest issue in Tugboat Press's long running anthology series dedicated to showcasing the best young, underexposed and emerging comic book artists. This issue features a brilliant cover story by Matt Wiegle (Seven More Days of Not Being Eaten) about a bitter son trying to get revenge on his father by creating a controversial sideshow act. Tim Root (Crappy Comics) provides the second story about a fateful morning at a convenience store, and Jonas Madden-Connor (Ochre Ellipse) tells the tale of a boxer trying to hang on for one more fight. Additional art by Nate Beaty.

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  • Title: PAPERCUTTER 13
  • Author: Greg Means, editor
  • Publisher: Tugboat Press
  • Price: $4.00
  • Page count: 32 pages
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