Ron Turner at the San Diego Comic Fest: Feb. 12 - 15th, 2016

San Diego Comic Fest

( February 9, 2016 ) Ron Turner is a special guest at this weekend's San Diego Comic Fest. If you love comics and are overwhelmed by the crowds surrounding the other San Diego comic convention, this might be your solution. READ MORE

Underground Comix Jackpot, Part 3: Vintage Black History Comics

golden legacy comics

( February 5, 2016 ) Serendipitously coinciding with Black History Month, we've discovered a stash of vintage comics from Golden Legacy. These comics were published between 1966 - 1972 and feature notable figures such as Martin Luther King, Harriet Tubman, Joseph Cinque, and more. READ MORE

Underground Comix Jackpot, Part 2: Laugh In The Dark, Home Grown Funnies, Carload O' Comics & More!

last gasp original underground

( February 4, 2016 ) Let us bring you deeper into the vaults with Part 2 of our Underground Comix Jackpot. This latest cache includes previously unread underground comics from legends such as Crumb, Rory Hayes, Kim Deitch, Spain, Griffith, and more. Limited quantities (don't say we didn't warn you...). READ MORE

Underground Comix Jackpot, Part 1: Mickey Rat, Cocaine Comix, Weirdo, & More

underground comix feb 2016

( February 3, 2016 ) An incredible collection of original underground comics are now available from Last Gasp. All top-notch comix from the kingpins of '60s, '70s, and early '80s underground, previously unread, all in near-Mint condition. The stockpile includes tons of rarities: Mickey Rat, Weirdo #1 (first printing), Cocaine Comix, and more. Limited quantities (don't say we didn't warn you...). READ MORE

Attaboy's Book of Butts & Book Of Hugs in NYC, Feb 11th - 13th

book of butts attaboy

( January 29, 2016 ) Get into your Valentine's Day pre-game with Attaboy's newly-released Book Of Butts and the second pressing of Book Of Hugs. If you're on the east coast, you can get a copy personalized to your significant other during artist signings at Desert Island, AFA Gallery, or the Haven Art Gallery. READ MORE

New from PIE Books

New Pie Books January 2016

( January 25, 2016 ) Last Gasp is pleased to announce the latest shipment from Tokyo-based PIE Books, featuring ornate coloring books, Ukiyo-E collections, the Fujoshi trend of femme gay media aimed at teenage girls, and more. Although subject matter varies, the common trait that unites PIE Books is the absolutely stunning packaging and production value, making them ideal gift books. READ MORE

Rory Hayes' Last Sketchbook

Rory Hayes sketchbook

( January 22, 2016 ) On this last day of Gary Arlington Appreciation Week, it seems fitting to share this unique piece of Rory Hayes memorabilia: Hayes' last sketchbook! For those unaware, Rory Hayes was an employee at Arlington's The San Francisco Comic Book Co as well as being a notable figure in the early underground comix scene of the '60s - '70s, known for his violent, scratchy, tripped-out, drug-fueled comics like Cunt and Bogeyman. READ MORE

January Staff Picks

January staff picks

( January 20, 2016 ) Join us in kicking off the new year right with 3D Jim Woodring, Drulliet psychedelia, Kuniyoshi Japanese monster madness, and more. Read on, so that we may share this month's coolest books with you. READ MORE

Gary Arlington Week: Friday 1/15/16 - Friday 1/22/16

gary arlington sale

( January 15, 2016 ) On January 16th, 2014, Gary Arlington left this world, voyaging to his home planet at last. While he was with us, Gary was both an outsider and trailblazer. He opened what is said to be the first comic book store in the US, The San Francisco Comic Book Company in 1967 and left an indelible mark on underground comix culture. Last Gasp is honoring him this week with a sale on his book, books from his legendary collection, and a free giveaway of original art made by Gary himself. READ MORE

Rescued From The Basement, Part 7: Conan the Barbarian Meets Trina Robbins

Rescued from the Gasp Basement 7

( January 14, 2016 ) Grab your favorite hat-with-a-light-on-it and let's go spelunking! This edition of Last Gasp's blog series "Rescued from the Basement" brings the unlikely but intriguing pairing of ripped Cimmerian warrior Conan the Barbarian and feminist cartoonist trailblazer Trina Robbins. Oh, and lest we forget the other slice of bread in this deadstock sandwich: Weirdworld: Warriors of Shadow Realm, Part 3 (!!!). READ MORE