Aaron Cometbus

A collection of the classic, out of print issues of Cometbus magazine, the follow-up to Despite Everything, the best-of collection from the first two decades of Cometbus. Add Toner includes Lanky (a novella), Back to the Land (an oral history of the children of hippie homesteaders), plus sixty other interviews and short stories. The text is lovingly handwritten, interspersed with bold graphics and illustrations. Includes never- before- published material.

A classic in the subterranean world Time
The best loved zine ever. San Francisco Bay Guardian
Aaron crafts evocative essays and concise vignettes that read almost like prose poems. The New York Press

Aaron Cometbus has been publishing his highly revered magazine, Cometbus, for thirty years. He is the author of several novels, and the editor of Despite Everything: Cometbus Omnibus. He lives in New York City.

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  • Title: ADD TONER
  • Author: Aaron Cometbus
  • Publisher: Last Gasp
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  • Page count: 368 pages
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