BITCH #57 (WINTER 2013)


Andi Zeisler editor

Feminist response to pop culture. Mag for smart cranky gals. Bitch -- it's a noun, it's a verb! Similar to "Bust," but even more radical and political. Smart writing. This is their Habit[at] issue. In this issue: Co-opting the Coop—what's the real cost of homesteading's new hipness?; Game Changer—why gaming culture allows abuse...and how we can stop it; Home Run—how neoliberalism took over home-makeover shows; Half the Story—when will Western documentaries realize they're using the wrong lens?; more.

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  • Title: BITCH #57 (WINTER 2013)
  • Author: Andi Zeisler editor
  • Price: $5.95
  • Page count: 80 pages
  • Trim size: 11 x 8.5
  • Binding: Perfect bound
  • Content: Two-color