Diary of a Teenage Girl: The Movie

( January 15, 2014 ) Fans of underground comics genius, Phoebe Gloeckner, will be happy to learn that a movie based on her coming-of-age graphic novel Diary of a Teenage Girl is now in production.

phoebe gloeckner movie

Though it's always nerve-wracking when Hollywood gets its hands on a book that we love, this one seems off to a promising start. Cool funny lady Kristen Wiig and handsome svelte weirdo Alexander Skarsgard have both been added to the cast. Some bit parts are being played by notorious locals like drag queen/midnight movie host Peaches Christ and comic artist Amanda Verwey. British stage actress, Bel Powley, is slated to fill the main character role of Minnie. Now who will play Ron Turner?

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